TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated

Toto continues to innovate the world of plumbing.  Another quality product manufactured by the leading brand in bathroom fixtures is TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated.  This product promotes the ultimate comfort that you dream to have in your private haven.  There is no better time than to realize that dream now. TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated is commercially available at a very affordable price.

TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated

TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated exhibits nothing but a luxurious style with a guaranteed high level of performance. You do not need to go to a spa or a resort hotel to experience an equally relaxing ambiance.  All you need is TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated installed and create the same aura in the comforts of your own home.

This product with sleek and modern design provides a cutting edge cleansing feature of a whirling comfort in washing.  Warm aerated water streaming gently from extended wand washes from the front and rear when it is activated. The warmth of water may be controlled to your desired range.  An adjustable air dryer is an added feature to promote additional comfort and ease.  The SoftClose seat may also be heated according to your preferred temperature.  This fixture is customized with a curved rear edge which is compatible with most French curve toilets.  To top it all, TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated imparts a  wireless remote control for your convenience.  At a press of a button, TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated performs according to your command.

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TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated Special Features and Specifications:

  • The preheated water reservoir is adjustable
  • Water washes from a hygienic wand from front and rear
  • Gentle aerated warm water with adjustable thermal control
  • Air dryer with adjustable warmth
  • Wireless handy remote control
  • Curved rear case suitable for French curve toilets
  • SoftClose® heated seat is adjustable

The Reviews

The people who have purchased the  TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated was very happy with their purchase. They liked that the product gave them a warm toilet seat to sit when they want to use it. They no longer need to feel uncomfortable using the toilet even in winter seasons where the toilet seat can become very cold. They all agree that the TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated Style is worth the money they have invested in it. Now they can not imagine using a normal toilet ever again after using this device. They said that they feel very clean after using it, cleaner than using either toilet paper or baby wipes. It did not give them irritations like when they use some brands of baby wipes.

Most of the reviewers gave the TOTO SW844-01 Washlet E200 Elongated 5 stars, while some gave it 4 stars. They said that they were all very satisfied with this device. The only reason why they gave it 4 stars is because of the poor installation instruction. For those people who are not really into do-it-yourself project may find it hard to install the product.

All in all, they said that this is an amazing product. They love it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel their cleanest after using the toilet. It may be a bit expensive and tricky to install, but they said that it was all worth it. You feel awkward using the product at first, but they said that after the initial shock of using these kinds of products, you could forget about toilet papers and baby wipes ever again.

Now at a very reasonable price, this product is available on Amazon.  Click here to get 53% off.

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