Bidet BB-3000

Blue Bidet, the famous manufacturer of quality bidets, introduces the most sophisticated bidet that is out in the market today, Bidet BB3000.  This product is a high quality, non-electric bidet that is a toilet seat attachment type.  Indulge yourself with the easy installation of this bidet in your existing toilet seat.  Bidet BB3000 provides a more hygienic way of cleansing.

Bidet BB-3000

The product has been proven in various scientific studies that water cleaning is better and may be beneficial to health than the traditional use of toilet paper that may cause skin irritation.  Water washing with the use of a bidet will provide a more sanitary and more comfortable process of cleansing.

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Bidet BB-3000 Special Features and Specifications:

  • Bidet with warm or room temperature
  • Adjustable pressure
  • No electrical parts used
  • With a retractable nozzle with three positions
  • Brass internals
  • Comes with a self-cleaning system
  • Easy to install

The Reviews

Modern innovation in bathroom fixtures, Blue Bidet provides the consumers with a very sophisticated bidet product design with a certain quality.  The Bidet BB3000  is a non-electrical device which assists the customer’s bathroom needs of a more economical and definitely a cleaner way of washing.  It is economical because it does not use electricity in any way for it to function properly.  It also prevents over usage of toilet papers that is traditionally used to wipe the surface clean.  Water cleansing with Bidet BB-3000 functions more efficiently than any other method known.  Blue Bidet BB-3000 also promises a healthier way of cleansing as it would prevent using toilet paper that may cause skin irritation due to its texture. Dry friction could possibly trigger skin irritation due to a lack of moisture.  And because it prevents any type of contamination because it is not a handheld device, washing with a bidet is definitely a cleaner procedure.  It, consequently, becomes a healthier option for consumers..

With adjustable pressure control, Bidet BB-3000 makes the cleansing process more comfortable and very soothing.  Washing with Bidet BB-3000 also pampers the consumer with its water temperature control of the streaming water from either warm or room temperature, depending on your choice.  This device is actually appropriate for places with a cold climate.  Thus the warm cleansing water makes it more relaxing and surely a more desirable bathroom experience.  However, this may also be used in tropical places with warm weather because it could be converted to cold water application if necessary.  From a manufacturer who truly listens to the consumer’s demands, Bidet BB-3000 is an answer to existing bathroom issues.

People who have tried and used the product have commended on how great this product is. They gave praises on how easy they can take it wherever they go and have a clean toilet for them to use. The process of removing and replacing the Bidet BB-3000 to a new toilet is very simple to do and they didn’t need any plumber to get it installed. According to the reviewers, the  Bidet BB3000  got it’s 5 stars because of how clean they feel after using this product.

Another reviewer said that after getting the Bidet BB-3000, the problem of dirty toilets has been a thing of the past. There are no more irritations or allergic reactions. They just feel clean after using a toilet with the Bidet BB-3000 installed. The reviewers love this product and they highly recommend it to everyone who wants to have a clean feeling after using the toilet.

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